Top 10 karting venues in West Midlands

Do you have what it takes to win a race of karting in the West Midlands? These are our 10 favourite karting venues in West Midlands.
top 10 karting venues in west midlands

These are the top 10 karting venues in West Midlands. Go-karting is the ideal activity for when you are looking for an amazing day out. Why? Karting can be done by almost anyone and karting brings an element of competition to every type of outing. This is because everybody wants to win and be the fastest driver that day.

Discover the top 10 karting venues in West Midlands

When you choose to go karting in the West Midlands there are plenty of suitable venues to choose from. There are around 20 amazing go-karting circuits located all throughout the West Midlands. All of these tracks are unique in their own way. 

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor go-karting circuits in the West Midlands. So no matter the weather, there will be a suitable venue for you and your needs.

#1 Fast Lane Karting

Fast Lane Karting is a fantastic indoor karting track in the West Midlands. At this track in Stoke-on-Trent, you’ll race in traditional karts. Nothing beats the sound and smell a real gasoline go-kart produces. 

And that is not all. At Fast Lane Karting, you can race from the age of 8 years old. This is in a special children’s kart, so even the little ones can enjoy go-karting safely.

#2 Adventure Sports

This karting track in the West Midlands is for everyone who loves a good outdoor adventure. When you go racing on the outdoor track of Adventure Sports in Warwick, you’re assured to experience a great adventure. This track is 350 metres long but the challenging turns make sure you can show everyone your go-karting talent.

Top 10 karting venues in West Midlands: Adventure Sports

#3 Alvar Karting

This indoor karting track in Willenhall, West Midlands called Alvar Karting is perfect for a rainy day. Alvar Karting is an indoor circuit where you can race on 650 metres of track. Show off your skill on this fun and challenging track that even contains a flyover. Are you the best karter on all levels?

#4 Daytona Tamworth Karting

Another amazing outdoor karting track in the West Midlands, located in Tamworth is Daytona Tamworth Karting. This 1000 metres long track will allow you to unleash your inner F1 driver. Do you have what it takes to win the race on this awesome outdoor circuit?

#5 Rednal Karting

Ready to race in Oswestry, West Midlands? For an awesome go-kart race on an outdoor circuit, you must be at Rednal Karting. When you go outdoor karting you’re not only battling your friends or other competition but the elements as well.

#6 March Hare Leisure

We’re not done with the outdoor go-karting tracks you can find in the West Midlands. In Worcester, you’ll find March Hare Leisure. This is a 210-metre long go-karting circuit with a wide track. This makes the track perfect for overtaking your competition and getting pole position. Put on your racing suit and let’s race!

#7 Karting Worcester

If all those outdoor tracks are not your cup of tea, you can always try this indoor circuit. Located in Worcester, West Midlands you’ll find Karting Worcester. A 300-metre long circuit on which you can try to find the racing line and set the fastest lap times. A big benefit of an indoor karting track, your outing will never get cancelled because of the weather.

#8 Grand Prix Karting

Looking for a place to race in Birmingham? Then you should most definitely try Grand Prix Karting. This amazing outdoor go-karting track is 700 metres long! It has challenging turns, long straights and plenty of spaces for you to overtake your competition. Are you going to be the next go-kart champion of Birmingham, West Midlands?

#9 Herefordshire Raceway

Herefordshire Raceway is quite a unique track. Why? Because this circuit is an outdoor circuit with a flyover. This is something that you’ll normally only find on indoor tracks. This makes the 600-metre long circuit in Weobley a must try karting track in the West Midlands.

#10 Go Karting Coventry

The last track on the list but certainly not the least: Go Karting Coventry in Coventry. This indoor go-karting track consists of multiple levels. How fun! Experience a day of karting like never before when you race on the different levels on this 500-metre long go-kart track.

Try these other karting venues in the West Midlands

These 10 go-karting venues aren’t the only tracks where you can try karting in the West Midlands. As we said above, there are 20 karting venues located all over the West Midlands. If you want to go go-karting in Birmingham you can try these tracks as well:

Not looking for a go-kart track in Birmingham? There are more tracks available. Another venue where you can race is Full Throttle Raceway, an indoor track in Stourbridge, Ace Go-karting Plus, an indoor go-karting track in Walsall and Ace karting, an indoor circuit in Hartshill. At which venue will your next race be? 

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