Outdoor karting – 10 of the best circuits worldwide!

There are many outdoor karting tracks around the world, but these are 10 of the best! Discover the best ones now.
Biggest karting tracks

Do you love go karting and speed? And especially outdoor karting? Then you probably know that there are some great outdoor karting tracks in the United Kingdom. But all over the world, there are some great outdoor tracks to be found. We discuss 10 of the best outdoor tracks and what makes them special.

Outdoor karting in Europe

Karting Genk (Genk, Belgium)

One of the best karting tracks in the world can be found in Belgium. In Genk, you will find Karting Genk! This track is 1360 metres long and is therefore the perfect place to test the speed of the karts and to try out karting yourself. F1 world champion Max Verstappen was discovered on this track, are you next? 

Photo: Karting Genk

South Garda Karting (Lonato del Garda, Italy)

Another popular karting track is found in the country known for its pizza: Italy. The South Garda Karting track is a well-known venue and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton once drove there. This track has sharp bends that are fun for beginners and experienced karters.

Photo: South Garda Karting

Zuera International Circuit (Zuera, Spain)

In beautiful Zuera, Zaragoza, located in Northern Spain, you will find Zuera International Circuit. A fast and cool kart circuit. In Spain the weather is windy and warm, this adds an extra challenge to your day of karting. Will you be the first to cross the finish line at high speed? 

Photo:Zuera International Circuit

Prokart Raceland (Wackersdorf, Germany)

For the next outdoor kart circuit, Germany is the place to be. In Wackersdorf you will find Prokart Raceland. A wide track, where you have many overtaking opportunities. This promises a spectacular race. Not only is this track wide, but it also contains a number of hairpin bends!

Photo: Prokart Raceland

Outdoor karting worldwide

Gold Coast Motorsport Training Centre (Gold Coast, Australia)

For an outdoor karting adventure outside of Europe, Australia is the place to be. In Gold Coast, you will find the Gold Coast Motorsport Training Centre. This is a 1600-meter long track and is considered the fastest track in Australia!

Various racing events are held here that are known worldwide. Can you set a fast lap time here?

Photo: Gold Coast Motorsport Training Centre

Kart Kountry (Shepherdsville, United States)

Number 6 on our list is in the United States. The biggest track in this country is located in the state of Kentucky and is called Kart Kountry. What makes this circuit extra fun is that you can not only go karting here but you also can do other activities. 

Photo: Kart Kountry

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Bowmanville, Canada)

From the United States, we go to their neighbour Canada. You can experience the ultimate racing experience here. At Canadian Tire Motorsport Park you will race on a 1.5 km long circuit. Race through the 12 challenging corners and reach the finish line first.

Photo: Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

KF1 Karting Circuit (Singapore)

In Singapore you will find the KF1 Karting Circuit with a track length of no less than 960 meters! This track has 18 corners. Very challenging. This circuit was designed by the famous F1 circuit designer Hermann Tilke, who also designed the F1 circuit of YAS Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. KF1 is the first two-way circuit in the world, so it is definitely worth a place on this list.

Photo: KF1 Karting Circuit

Dubai Autodrome (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

This karting track in Dubai is not only an outdoor karting track but also offers indoor karting. At Dubai Autodrome, you will find two tracks. At this location, you will find 17 cool turns and a tunnel. Can you see yourself racing on this karting track? 

Photo: Dubai Autodrome

Try outdoor go-karting

Lydd Kart Circuit (Lydd, United Kingdom)

In the United Kingdom, you will find an outdoor go-kart circuit that is 2 kilometers long. This is the Lydd Kart Circuit. Cart races are held here, but you can also come and kart with your friends. Not only is this circuit extremely long, but it is recognized as one of the best kart circuits in the world. So it couldn’t be missing from our list. 

Photo: Lydd Kart Circuit

Can’t wait to go outdoor karting yourself? Find out now about all the karting tracks in the United Kingdom. Need some tips to go faster on the track or curious about the advantages of outdoor karting? We’ve got you covered. Wasn’t this info enough to win? Then we’ve put together some excuses.