These are the best excuses for when you’re losing a karting race

Karting with friends can be very exciting. Each round the gap between you and your opponent gets smaller and smaller, and it’s a close call when you finish in second. No matter how small the difference is between first and second place, the person who finished second always has the most excuses. Does this sound familiar to you? Which of these excuses are you and your teammates going to use when you won’t finish first?

“Your kart was faster than mine”

The karts at the kart track usually have all the same speed, but there is always that one kart that seems to go faster than all the other karts. This Mercedes look-alike kart is just a fraction faster than all the other karts and nobody seems to be able to keep up with this one. Try to spot this kart during a previous heat, so you know exactly that this “magical” kart is yours for the next race. Or when you can’t pick this cart, you can use this kart as an excuse for when you didn’t finish first in your regular kart.

“I didn’t know this track yet”

This excuse is perfect for the kart racers who think they can take a few seconds off their lap time in the next round. They didn’t know the track yet and didn’t exactly know which corners they could go fully in. They didn’t know where they should have hit the brakes or how to take the curve perfectly and will use this as the perfect excuse when they didn’t finish first place. “Oh, but I did not take that curve fully, but next race I will.” Sound familiar? Hopefully, these racers will redeem themselves next round, otherwise, they have exposed themselves…

“You weigh a little less than I do”

This excuse is always a popular one in a group of friends. Each racer in the group has a different body and this is always a good excuse. “Yeah you finished first, but you’re a few pounds lighter than me”. We get it and there is some truth to it, when you are a few pounds lighter you can go faster. But it’s not all about the weight. You have to master the technique of the kart, otherwise, you can be as light as a feather but still won’t be faster than your heavier opponents. So use this excuse wisely!

“I started at the back”

This excuse is a classic one. This excuse goes often in combination with “There were very slow people driving in front of me”. How annoying… But once you’ve overtaken these slow drivers, there is no reason for you to not finish first.

Other excuses you may want to try out:

  • My kart had a bad malfunction
  • Someone bumped into me
  • I am used to driving at an indoor track instead of an outdoor one (And vice versa.)
  • The brakes of my kart didn’t work properly.
  • I had no grip because of the bad tires on my kart.
  • The tires of my kart needed to be replaced, I had no grip at all.
  • For the ones who race outdoors: “It was raining, that’s why I didn’t have any grip”. (Because not everyone in your race is bothered by that of course.)

These are our favourite excuses, especially picked for you. So next time you finish in second, you at least have enough reasons to prove that this wasn’t your fault. Because of course, you would’ve won if these annoying hiccups didn’t occur.