Indoor vs outdoor karting

Go-karting is one of the most popular leisure activities in the United Kingdom. This is partly due to the spectacular circuits, striking locations, available restaurants and special deals. From challenging outdoor circuits to indoor circuits with tunnels and multiple levels. But what are the differences between indoor and outdoor go-karting? And what are the pros and cons? We will answer all these questions for you! 

Indoor go-karting

Pros of indoor go-karting

The biggest benefit of indoor go-karting is that despite the rainy climate in the UK, you can always go go-karting. In addition, your driving skills will be put to the test at indoor go-karting, because here you often see circuits with multiple floors, tunnels, fly-overs and razor-sharp turns! There are 117 indoor go-kart tracks in the UK so you won’t be disappointed! 

Cons indoor karting

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of indoor go-karting is that the space is limited, so the circuit is often shorter. Also, there is no run-out space. So you will immediately end up in the tires if you make a mistake. In addition, indoor go-karting often uses a special surface that feels smooth but provides well-known squeaky tires.

Outdoor go-karting

Pros outdoor go-karting

Outdoor go-karting is for real racing monsters! The biggest advantage of outdoor go-karting is your maximum speed, which is much faster than indoor go-karting. Where you achieve a maximum speed of 50 to 60 kilometres per hour with indoor go-karting, you often achieve a minimum speed of 70 kilometres per hour with outdoor go-karting.

This is only possible because outdoor go-kart tracks generally have more space so you can safely end up next to the track (mostly in the grass) when making a mistake. So is why outdoor tracks will feel more like the “real deal”! In the United Kingdom, we have about 67 outdoor go-kart tracks. So, I say: Let’s race! Find out the 5 best outdoor tracks here.

Cons outdoor go-karting

You often don’t have artificial fly-overs and multilevel circuits with outdoor go-karting, but they can use natural height differences. Besides that, there is a chance that the go-kart track will be closed with cold or wet weather. Take a look at the safety rules before stepping into your kart.

Already made your choice? Are you going for a challenging indoor go-kart track with multiple floors and sharp turns? Or are you looking for a Formula 1 like feeling and pick one of the outdoor go-kart tracks? View all indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks in the United Kingdom and choose a track that suits you best!

Afke Tine
Afke Tine