Your karting experience is safe with these rules

The kart activity is booked and you are all set to hit the track with the kart and start the competition. But how do you beat your friends, family or colleagues in a safe and fairway? We've put together everything you need to know so that you can safely start the match.
Go go-karting at Chequered Flag

The Bouncer and the Smasher

Someone from your group of friends isn’t the best karter and tries to solve this in a different way, you might experience this on the track. This person is sometimes called the collider or the smasher. There are different types on the go-kart track that you would rather not encounter.

Collisions and crashes are not allowed on the kart track, for that you have to go to the fair for the bumper cars. Bumping and crashing on the go-kart track is very dangerous and can cause back and neck pain. And of course, nobody wants that, so keep it fun and safe. Don’t be the Rambo of the group and make it a fun outing for everyone!

Don’t get out of your kart!

Never get out of your kart on the track, no matter what! This can lead to very dangerous situations if you get out in the middle of the track. Your opponents do not know where you are walking and you can not know where the others are. You are only allowed out to leave your kart in very unlikely situations. But if these situations won’t occur, stay in your kart!

No texting and calling when driving 

The following applies on the go-kart track: calling and texting are not allowed. This is not allowed in traffic on the road, but also not on the go-kart track. Of course, we understand that you want to record your karting activity by means of a photo, this is allowed before and after. Don’t forget to share them on social media! But taking your phone on the go-kart track is at your own risk. You don’t really have time to be on your phone while karting. If you want to win, you have to be focused! Check here if you’re wearing the proper racing outfit.

The flags

On the go-kart track, there are 8 different flags that will be sown. You don’t have to memorize them all, so don’t worry. Before you get into the kart, it will be explained again. Here are the main three:

  • Red flag: stop! The race is stopped due to, for example, an accident, blockage or false start.
  • White Flag: This flag indicates that you are entering the final round.
  • Black/white checkered flag: This is the finish flag. If you’re the first one who sees this you’ve won!

There are other flags that you may encounter on the go-kart track, but these are the most common! There are all kinds of different flags that you can have to deal with during the heat. This way it stays safe and fun for everyone!

Afke Tine
Afke Tine