Want to go karting? Wear the proper outfit!

The reservation for your next go-karting race is made and you and your friends can’t wait to drive lap after lap on the track. But before you can step foot in a go-kart, you need to be wearing the correct karting outfit? This outfit contains a helmet, protective shoes with closed toes, and an overall. Want to know why you need a complete change of clothes before you go karting? That is to guarantee a safe race for you and the other karters. Keep on reading to find out what you need to wear to go karting.

Wear closed-toed shoes during the karting heat

During a race on the karting track, you are required to wear closed-toed shoes. This is for safety reasons. Karts are safe and the chances of an accident happening are small, but it is always better to be safe. You could get injured when you bump into another driver whilst wearing sandals. And a big pro of wearing good shoes: you have a better grip on the pedals. Your chances of winning the race increase and the chance of injury decreases by wearing the right shoes.

Overall’s on!

When you are a regular on the karting track, you are familiar with the overall’s you need to wear when you go karting. When you’ve never been kart racing before you may recognize these overalls from car races. They are worn for fire protection. Don’t let this scare you, karting is pretty safe to do. The overall’s are worn to not take any risks. But that is not the only benefit of the overall’s, they also save your clothes from getting dirty!

Helmet on, visor down!

Your helmet is the most important item when it comes to kart racing. Wearing a helmet is mandatory on every karting track you will visit in the United Kingdom. Not wearing a helmet, means no race. When you go karting you will bump into other drivers and they will bump into you multiple times. Your helmet will protect your head from all these hits. Put on your helmet and be safe during the go-kart race. Check these racing tips for winning a race.

Racing gloves for the win

Gloves are not necessary to wear when you go-karting, but wearing them does have a benefit. When you are karting you are holding onto the steering wheel tightly, especially in the turns. Wearing gloves will make this more comfortable for your hands. And when you go outdoor karting the racing gloves will protect you from the cold wind as well! 

Most importantly: don’t forget your head

The last item on the list: your head. Make the right decisions during the race and react quickly. This way you are not only being safe but with the right strategy, you will most likely overtake your opponents as well. 

Now you know what you know why you need to wear it and why when you go-karting. Try one of the amazing karting tracks in the United Kingdom and see if all these items combined will make you the fastest kart driver.