With these 5 karting tips you can beat everyone on the track

When you go out for a day with family, friends or colleagues, participating is always more important than winning – unless you go karting of course. During a karting heat, different rules apply; you are here for only one reason and that is to win. Because who wouldn’t want to beat their best friend, father or colleague in an exciting race? Don’t worry, we’ll help! With these 5 simple karting tips, you will be the boss of the go-kart track.

Discover the best 5 karting tips

Tip 1: Find the ideal racing line

A racing line is a route that you take with your kart around the circuit. The ideal racing line is the perfect route to complete the fastest possible lap. Each go-kart track has its own unique ideal racing line. Make sure you brake at the right moments so that you can steer the corners well and then go full throttle again.

You can try to figure out the fastest way to tear around the track or you can ask a go-kart employee to help you. To give you an idea of ​​what such a racing line looks like, below you can see an image of the ideal racing line of the Kartfabrique, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Karting tips: find the ideal racing line

Tip 2: Use your weight for sharp turns

Have you ever noticed that professional drivers like Max Verstappen always stay upright in a tight corner? When you make a sharp turn, you will have to deal with G forces. This will push you to the outside of your kart. Don’t lean! During a sharp turn, the outer tires provide grip. Take advantage of this by leaning along!

Tip 3: Look at the point where you want to go

You drive to the point where you are looking. It seems very logical, but it often goes wrong. Look at the point you want to go to and try to see through the curves. When you look at other things – such as the boarding or other drivers – you slow down unconsciously. Of course, crashing is never good, so keep an eye on your opponents! In addition, try to look far ahead, so that you can overtake them safely. 

Tip 4: Speed ​​up when possible

The biggest tip is not to do ‘TOO much’. Try to avoid frequent braking and/or steering, because every small correction costs you valuable time. Do you need to adjust a little bit? No problem. Just always make sure that when you are out of the corner, you immediately accelerate again. So kick that kart on its tail!

Tip 5: Drifting sounds cool, but not for the winner! 

Drifting may be part of the real ‘kart feeling’, but it only takes time. Do you want to win? Then try to drift as little as possible. There is one exception. Drifting can be advantageous when a bend in the opposite direction follows in quick succession. So a left turn after a right turn, or vice versa. Discover more about how to drift correctly.

And now, practice! 

Good that you read all the karting tips. By applying these tips in practice you will become better and better at karting, but for that, you have to practice. That is why we have listed all go-kart tracks in your area. Start now and who knows, maybe we will see you on a real Formula 1 circuit in a few years!

Now that you are well informed and you are sure that you can beat all your friends, you are ready to book your day out! Take a look at the tracks near you and plan your next adventure today!

Afke Tine
Afke Tine