Karting in South East England is the most fun

Are you looking for the perfect karting track in South East England, but have no idea which track is the perfect one? No worries, we’ll help you out! We’ve selected the most fun karting circuits you’ll find in South East England. These go-karting tracks are beloved for their great service, challenging turns, or for their venues. Curious to see which track is your next favourite? Read on and find out why karting in South East England is that much fun!

Indoor karting in South East England

The first one you need to visit when you’re in South East England is Rogue Racing in Aylesbury. This indoor karting circuit is 300 metres long and has a fly-over. This means you can race above your opponents which makes it even more exciting! This venue is perfect for when you’re thinking about celebrating a kids party or a team outing with colleagues. The track of Rogue Racing is also a very challenging one. Every turn needs a lot of skills to master it. Can you beat your friends at this super exciting go-karting track?

Outdoor karting in South East England

For the ones who prefer to go racing outdoors, this go-karting circuit in South East England may be more suitable for you. Qleisure near Brighton is an exciting outdoor karting track that also has a fly-over. Most of the time, only indoor karting circuits have fly-overs, but not this one! The go-karting track of Qleisure is 800 metres long and is fun for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced driver or a beginner, racing at Qleisure is fun for everyone. You’ll be racing in petrol-filed karts at Qleisure, so you will feel the real Formula 1 experience!

Gasoline karts

In Southampton, you will find go-karting centre Go Karting Southampton. This indoor karting circuit in South West England has a lot to offer! Besides having a fly-over, this circuit is also multi-level. The track is 375 metres long and is suitable for young and old. This location is also perfect for organizing kids parties, team outings, or for a challenging race with the whole family. You’ll race in gasoline karts and because this is an indoor karting track, you won’t be bothered by any bad weather conditions. Are you the first one to drift over the finish? Read here is drifting is a good thing and how you drift perfectly!

Electrical karts

This go-karting circuit in Farnborough is the perfect location for the kart drivers who aren’t a big fan of the smell of gasoline. At Go Karting Farnborough, you will be racing in electrical karts on a multi-level track. These karts are not only very clean and better for the environment they are also very fast! While racing in this 800 metres long indoor karting track, you don’t have to feel guilty about racing because your kart is as clean as can be! Go Karting Farnborough is also a great place for organizing birthday parties or team outings. In short, the perfect location for everyone who loves to race in a non-smelling kart!

Karting for kids parties

And last but definitely not least, this go-karting track in South East England is a great option for your next activity. At Formula Kidz (Sevenoaks), you will be racing with electrical karts on an indoor track. This activity is the perfect activity for the younger ones and is specially organized for kids. So if you’re thinking about celebrating your kid’s party, you should definitely try this go-karting circuit in South East England. Together with your friends, you will dodge all the obstacles on the track. The first one who crosses the finish line wins the race!

These are a couple of fun tracks where you can go-karting in South East England, but there are a lot more fun karting tracks for you to discover! Choose your favourite and let’s go-karting in South East England!