Karting in East of England

Are you looking for a cool, speedy and competitive activity in East of England? Karting is the activity you are looking for! Challenge yourself and your family, friends or colleagues for an exciting race on one of the karting tracks in East of England. There are a lot of kart venues in East of England, that's why we've listed the best for you.

Karting tracks throughout East of England

From Watford to Ipswich and from Harlow to Cromer, there are a lot of go-karting tracks in the East of England. So there is always a go-kart track that suits your wishes perfectly! Go Karting Harlow is the karting track you can find in Harlow. This is a multi-level indoor track of 500 metres long! The other go-karting track you can find near Harlow is Rye House.

Do you like some outdoor fun? In that case, the circuit of Rye House is perfect for you! This is also one of the longest outdoor tracks of England. This circuit is no less than 950 metres long! Not only is this circuit incredibly long, but it is also the sumping ground of Lewis Hamilton. Invite your friends, family or colleagues quickly for this challenging karting track and find out who crosses the finish line first. 

Outdoor karting in East of England

At the top of East of England, you find Kartrak Karting in Cromer. This go-karting track is also perfect for all outdoor lovers. This circuit is 500 metres long! Have you always wanted to race over a multilevel circuit with a flyover in a kart? Then this is the time! Go to Angelina Indoor Karting and experience it all. This circuit is 270 metres long. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get any less exciting! If you lose after a very exciting race, you can find the best excuses here

Safety first during your karting match in East of England!

Before the challenging and exciting race starts, everyone gets a safety instruction. The staff of the go-kart track will go through all the rules with you. This way you get to hear which flags are used and what they mean. And of course, they also tell you how the kart works. Do you want to be fully prepared on the track and immediately show what you have in the first heat? Read this blog about the different turns you can encounter on a circuit and how to make them perfectly.

Afke Tine
Afke Tine