6 reasons to go go-karting in Staffordshire

Want to have a thrilling race in Staffordshire? Here are 6 reasons to go go-karting in Staffordshire at Fast Lane Karting in Stoke-on-Trent.

Do you want to experience an adventure on the tracks? Go go-karting in Staffordshire, West Midlands and discover if you’re the best driver out there. A day full of fun awaits when visiting the go-kart track. In need of fun and adrenaline? We will tell you 6 reasons why you should go go-karting in Staffordshire!

1. Go-karting on a challenging multi-level circuit in Staffordshire

In Staffordshire you will find the new and challenging multi-level go-kart track of Fast Lane Karting. This track has been completely overhauled and is even greater than ever before. On the modern 350 metres long track you’ll have the best time while you get exhilarated by the exciting fly-over, raucous ramps and stimulating straights. One thing is for sure: you won’t be bored on this nerve-wracking track.

2. Race in traditional karts in Staffordshire

What gives you the real racing feeling? Indeed: the smell of gasoline and hearing the roaring sounds of the karts. When you go go-karting in Staffordshire at Fast Lane Karting, you’ll experience the real race sensation when driving in the traditional karts. In traditional 200 cc karts you will be whizzing around the S-bends faster than a strike of lightning. 

3. Go-karting in Staffordshire is the perfect activity for young and old

Another great reason to go go-karting in Staffordshire is that go-karting is an activity that is suitable for young and old. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years old or 60 years old: having a blast on the go-kart track is guaranteed! For the younger drivers there are special junior karts and gear available. This way even the younger ones can enjoy a safe race. Are you ready to be defeated by your (grand)child? Book your tickets here.

4. Order your favorite snacks and drinks

We understand, racing makes you hungry. But when you go go-karting in Staffordshire you don’t have to leave the go-kart track with a rattling stomach. You can fuel up with your favourite snacks and drinks. Which is well deserved after being the first to tear across the finish line! That cold coke is waiting for you…

5. Suitable for every occasion

Another reason why go-karting at Fast Lane Karting is a great activity is that it is suitable for every occasion. Want to throw a sensational birthday party? Or do you just want to enjoy a great time with colleagues, family? Or maybe a legendary bachelor party, look no further. This is the greatest place! Bring out the competitive side in everyone in a fun way when you go go-karting in Staffordshire.

6. Indoor karting is the perfect activity for gloomy weather

Let’s be honest, we all know the weather in this country can be all too unreliable – and rain, snow, ice or stormy conditions could all force an early halt to a fun outdoor outing. Which is exactly why indoor go-karting in Staffordshire is great! With indoor karting at Fast Lane Karting you can go karting, no matter the weather circumstances. The dismal English weather will not stop you from having fun. How great is that? Your indoor outing will be a huge success. 

In short: there are a variety of reasons why you should come go-karting in Staffordshire. You can enjoy the new multi-level circuit, race in traditional karts, it’s a great activity for every age, you can order your favourite snacks and drinks, it’s suitable for every occasion and the perfect activity for bad weather. Are you ready to create lasting memories at the fascinating go-kart track of Fast Lane Karting? Book your tickets to go go-karting in Staffordshire here.