How tall do you have to be to go karting?

Are you looking for an activity full of adrenaline for a family outing or a children’s party? Then karting is for you! Karting is suitable for everyone, however, you must be aware of the conditions. A minimum length is required for most go-karting tracks. These rules can differ considerably per track. Read on and avoid unpleasant situations! 

Safety first! 

Most go-kart tracks do not look so much at the minimum age but at the minimum height. This has several security reasons and safety comes first at all times. For example, it is very important that you have good access to the accelerator and brake pedals. After all, you want to be able to tear through the bends safely without being involved in an accident.

Minimum height

Now, how tall do you have to be to go karting? That depends on every individual go-kart track. Some require a minimum height of 1.20 meters, while others require participants to be at least 1.40 meters. If you do not meet the minimum height, unfortunately, you will not be allowed to race. Take your precautions and read the conditions to avoid disappointments. Put on your race suit and let’s race.

Anyone can participate! 

In addition to normal karting, some go-kart tracks also offer karting for children; where different rules apply. For children, pediatric karts with an adjustable seat and accelerator and brake pedal are provided. These karts often have a slower speed but are just as fun to race. The fastest driver is therefore not always the winner! Are you just a little too small or do you find karting still too exciting? Then at some go-kart tracks, it is possible to drive with an experienced instructor in a Duokart. This way, everyone can participate! 

Now that you are well informed and you are sure that everyone can come along, you are ready to book your day out! Take a look at the tracks near you and plan your next adventure today!