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Jun 22
What is a Grand Prix?

The Grand Prix originated in 1894 in Paris during a rally. This is where the French name Grand Prix comes from, meaning “Grand Price”. Nowadays the term Grand Prix is mostly known because of Formula 1. Where 20 drivers race for the win during the world championship. These races happen on Sundays.

May 11
5 of the best indoor go karting tracks in the UK

Are you looking for the best indoor go karting tracks in the United Kingdom? We’ve got you covered! There are a lot of fun indoor karting tracks for you to discover. Take a look at the best go karting near me indoor tracks and book your next outing.

Apr 20
5 of the best go kart tracks to go karting with children

Are you looking for a place to go karting with children? We’ve selected the 5 best go-karting tracks for kids for you. Here, you can race with a kids’ party or organize a family go kart outing. Check out the kids go karting near me and book your next karting activity.

Apr 06
Go karting with children – 3 reasons why this is the perfect activity

Did you know that go-karting is a great activity to do with children? Many go-karting venues offer special karts that make go karting with children possible. With many kids go karting near me available, there’s always a suitable location to visit. Perfect for a go kart party or family go kart outing. Find out why go karting children is a great activity.

Dec 15
6 reasons to go go-karting in Staffordshire

Want to have a thrilling race in Staffordshire? Here are 6 reasons to go go-karting in Staffordshire at Fast Lane Karting in Stoke-on-Trent.