These are the best go karting tracks in London

Are you thinking about planning a karting activity in London, but having trouble choosing the perfect track? We’ve got you covered! Here you’ll find the best go karting tracks in London all lined up for you! These go karting tracks are perfect for every kind of event and are definitely worth visiting. Keep on reading, and find out what the 5 best go karting tracks in London are!

Go Karting West London – Acton

The first go-karting track you definitely should visit is Go Karting West London – Acton. This super fun karting track is known for its challenging turns. These turns require a lot of skills which makes it much more exciting. This 500 metres long indoor track is a multi-level track so you can race above your opponents. Also nice to know, at Go Karting West London – Acton you will be racing in electrical karts. These are not only very fast, but they also don’t smell. In short, this fun karting track in London is a perfect option for your next outing!

Revolution Karting

When you want to go-karting in London, Revolution Karting is a karting track you don’t want to miss out on. This outdoor karting venue has a track of 700 metres and is suitable for beginners and experienced drivers. Feel the wind rushing through your hair when you’re racing outdoors on this track and beat your friends on this super fun karting track. At Revolution Karting, you will be racing in electrical karts so you won’t smell the gasoline gasses.

Oasis Play

This fun go-karting track in London is a great option for everyone who likes a bit of tension in their race. At Oasis Play, you can celebrate every kind of party or event. If you’re thinking about celebrating a kids party or bachelor party, this venue is perfectly suitable for you. You will be racing in gasoline karts at this outdoor go-karting track, which makes it feel like you’re in a real Formula 1 race! Oasis Play is the perfect location for everyone who likes to be outdoors and loves an exciting activity.

Go Karting London Tower Bridge

This fun go-karting track in London is a great option for you and your friends during your next outing. At Go Karting London Tower Bridge, you will be racing on an indoor multi-level track of 800 metres. This way, you’ll have enough time to overtake the whole competition in one lap. Because you’re racing on an indoor track at this karting centre, you won’t be hindered by any weather conditions. Needless to say, this go-karting circuit is a perfect option for your next outing!

Go Karting London Docklands

Last but definitely not least, Go Karting London Docklands is a super fun location for your next activity! At this multi-level indoor karting track, you surely won’t be bored quickly. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your body when you hit the gas pedal and overtake the whole competition on this 800 metres long track!

At this go-karting venue, you will be racing in gasoline-filled karts. Before you step into your kart, you will receive a safety briefing about the kart and track, but if you want to be more prepared you can read the rules of karting here. Dare your friends in an exciting race at this karting track and find out who’s the first one to finish!

These are our top 5 best karting tracks in London, but there are a lot more fun go-karting tracks for you to discover! Pick out your favourite and let’s go-karting in London!