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London: Go Karting at Capital Karts (20 min)

Visit this racing venue for a fun and exciting day out

Capital Karts

London, Greater London

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London: Go Karting at Capital Karts (20 min)

Capital Karts
  • London
4.3 / 5
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London: Go Karting at Oasis Play (20 min)

Oasis Play
  • London
4.9 / 5
per person

London: Go Karting at Revolution Karting (16 laps)

Revolution Karting
  • London
4.2 / 5
per person

London go-karting

Are you looking for a fun activity in London, Greater London? Go karting and get ready for an unforgettable outing! Karting is a super fun way to spend your day off and is exciting for all ages. There are many fun tracks for you to discover in London. Do you want to go indoor karting or do you prefer to race outdoors? London has it all! 

Why London is ideal for go-karting

Karting is a great activity for all ages. Feel the wind rushing through your hair when you’re racing around the track and hit the gas pedal to the max. Karting is the perfect activity for the daredevils and is suitable for experienced drivers as well as beginners. If you’re looking for a group activity, karting is the perfect outing to get to know each other. Race an intense kart race with your colleagues or friends, and find out who is the fastest of all!

Go-karting in London is safe

Karting is a suitable activity for all ages. This means the karts have to be safe for beginners as well as experienced drivers. In London, you’ll find go-karting tracks in London with different types of karts suitable for every kind of driver. For the younger ones, there are karts that have a little less power. These allow them to finish safely and don’t lose control over their kart. There are also professionals present at the tracks in London. These will keep an eye on the track and make sure no accidents will occur. 

Before you step into your kart, you will get a helmet and racing suit. These will keep you safe during the race and also look very professional. Before you go racing, you’ll receive a safety briefing about the kart and track. Professionals will explain the rules of the race and make sure you understand the kart. You can also ask for the best tips and tricks. Get all the knowledge you need to win the race and win the competition!

London - where can you go karting?

When you’re thinking about go-karting in London, there are a lot of fun tracks for you to discover. Each circuit in London has its own unique tracks. You also have the option to kart indoors and outdoors. Do you want to feel the wind rushing through your hair or do you prefer to race indoors where the circumstances are always right? 

There are a lot of different indoor and outdoor tracks in London where you can go karting. The indoor tracks are ideal for colder and rainy days. There is also the option to race on a multi-level track when you’re racing indoors. On these tracks, you can race above your opponents and plan your next strategy. The indoor and outdoor tracks of London all have their own unique turns and are definitely worth trying. 

London go-karting: Revolution Karting

This outdoor track is perfect for all nature lovers. Revolution Karting has a track with a length of 700 metres. Put on your helmet and let’s race on the most challenging outdoor track of London. Make sure to check the weather circumstances before planning your activity!

London go-karting: Oasis Play

Oasis Play in London is another outdoor track. This track is known for its challenging turns and its hospitality. There are race professionals available who will help you with the best tips and tricks. Plan your next strategy and win the next round at outdoor track Oasis Play. 

London go-karting: Capital Karts

And last but definitely not least, have Capital Karts. This is an indoor track and has a length of 1050 metres! The track has a couple of challenging turns that are rewarding for experienced drivers, but fun to learn for novice drivers. You’ll always drive in perfect conditions on this indoor track.

Book your next activity in London and try go-karting

There are a lot of tracks for you to choose from. Pick your favourite and get ready for an unforgettable outing in London! The deals on our website can all be booked and are completely arranged. On arrival, you will be waited upon by one of the team members. After a brief explanation and safety briefing, you’re ready to go racing! Put on your helmet and let’s go racing in London!

Frequently asked questions about London City

Which go-karting tracks can be found in London?

London in Greater London is home to three karting tracks: Capital Karts, Oasis Play and Revolution Karting.

What can you expect from London go-karting?

The eight racing tracks in London are perfect for spending a day with friends or family. If you are looking for a new, wonderful kart racing day out, London is the place to be. London offers something for beginners and more experienced drivers. Your activity starts with a safety instruction, and if you race multiple times, there will be a break between the races. Get ready for your kart racing experience in London!

Are the go-karting tracks of London indoor or outdoor?

There are indoor and outdoor tracks.

What is the length of the go-karting tracks in London?

– The length of the karting track of Capital Karts in London is 1050 metres.
– The length of the karting track of Oasis Play in London is unknown.
– The length of the karting track of Revolution Karting in London is 700 metres.