Karting in Highlands

Karting in Highlands is all that you need if you are looking for a speedy, cool and competitive getaway! Challenge your family, friends or your colleagues and start the battle. Who of you is the fastest on the circuit and crosses the finish line first? Is it you or one of your friends? Find out on one of the best go-karting tracks in Highlands!

Are you looking for a perfect kart circuit in Highlands? We have the answer you are looking for. Highlands contains three go-karting tracks! It is not much, but stay true. You only can race at one karting track at a time. So you need only one good venue in Highlands! And all karting tracks are really cool and a must-try.

Fun go-kart tracks in Highlands

One of these go-karting tracks is Inverness Kartraceway. This circuit is indoor, 320 metres long and contains challenging turns, which are fun for real racers. For beginners, kart racing at Inverness Kartraceway makes a perfect activity as well. Lost a race? Use these excuses when explaining why you lost the race.

Other go-kart tracks in Highlands

Are you looking for some outdoor fun? Aviemore and Knockhill Karting are your answers! Aviemore is a circuit with a length of no less than 500 metres long. So this is perfect for every racer. Knockhill Karting is a cool go-karting track in Dunfermline and is also perfect for a getaway in Highlands.

All tracks in Highlands are perfect for your kid’s party, bachelor party or team building activity. Before stepping into your kart, you’ll receive a safety briefing about the kart and the track. This way, everyone will finish safely.

Book tickets for a go-karting outing in Highlands

Are you ready for your next go-karting activity in Highlands? Now that you know the must-try karting tracks in the Highlands, you can book your favourite circuit. Every go-karting track has its unique track with challenging turns, so your race definitely won’t be boring! If you want to spice it up, try drifting through the turns! Read here how you can drift perfectly.

Afke Tine
Afke Tine