Karting Birmingham: must-try karting tracks

Are you excited for your next thrilling adventure on the go-karting tracks in Birmingham? Go-karting is the ideal activity to do with friends, family or colleagues. Start your engines and get ready for a fun day out: karting in Birmingham! We have made an overview of some must-try karting tracks in and near Birmingham.

Teamworks Karting Birmingham City

A must-try karting track is Teamworks Karting Birmingham City. This incredible karting venue is located in the city centre of Birmingham. Race on this 450-metre long indoor go-kart track and find out who’s the best driver out there. The best thing about this karting venue in Birmingham is that on rainy days you can still enjoy this activity.

Besides that, you can race against your friends, and for the younger ones, there are birthday arrangements available. Everyone from 8+ years can enjoy karting in Birmingham. Safety is very important so everyone receives safety instructions before getting into the go-karts. This makes it the perfect activity for your children’s parties!

Grand Prix Karting

Rather want to go racing outdoors on an exciting and challenging track? Visit Grand Prix Karting for an unforgettable day of karting in Birmingham! It is the perfect circuit for those who are already professionals, but also for those who still want to become the best driver out there. With special arrangements available, there’s always something suitable for you. Race against your friends or dare your colleagues for a fun challenge on these 700-metre long go-kart tracks in Birmingham! Prove that you’re the best driver out there. Race on the track, conquer the challenging turns and start overtaking the competitors. Who is going to get the fastest laps during the heats?

Go Karting Birmingham

Do you prefer a multi-level indoor track? Then Go Karting Birmingham is the perfect match for you. On this 1000-metre long track, you can experience the most challenging turns and race on the multi-levels. Are you ready to feel the adrenaline rush through your body when karting in Birmingham? On rainy days, this is the perfect location to have your karting activity. No matter the occasion, karting is always the best and most exciting option. You can organise small outings, corporate events, birthday parties and many more events here. Or go-karting with your friends only, the possibilities are endless. Do you want to beat your friends in a tensive race? Start planning your karting outing in Birmingham now. 

Teamworks Karting Birmingham West

Located just a little out of Birmingham city is Teamworks Karting Birmingham West. Karting in Birmingham has never been so exciting. Race on this 350-metre long go-kart circuit and experience the multi-levels and special flyover! Get ready for an exciting race in this indoor venue. It’s the perfect activity on rainy days. Nothing is too crazy here. Plan your next visit with your family, kids from 8+ years, and enjoy an unforgettable experience. This venue offers electric karting. Do you know the differences between petrol and electric karting? Find out here

Ace Go-Karting Plus

Another incredible go-karting venue in Birmingham is Ace Go-Karting Plus. Experience a unique experience when racing on the 700-metre long go-kart track. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver, everyone is welcome on this circuit. With special arrangements offered there’s always something for you. Start planning your visit to this incredible indoor karting in Birmingham and prepare yourself for an outing full of excitement. Your adrenaline will rush through your body when racing on this circuit. This thrilling activity is possible to do and challenging for all ages. Find out now which option is perfect for you.

Karting is the most exciting activity to do on any of these must-try karting tracks in Birmingham. Are you already excited about your next karting outing? Find out which karting track in Birmingham is perfect for you and start planning your next visit.