Fun things to do this summer break

Summer break is coming up! This means you have a lot of spare time and are free to do whatever you want to. And why not spend your summer break on a go-karting circuit in England? Karting is the perfect activity to do during your summer break. Read here about other fun things to do this summer break!
Fun things to do this summer break: go-karting at Midland Karting

Go-karting on an outdoor circuit

During your summer break, you can finally do the things you always wanted to do but did not have the time for. Maybe you can start a new hobby or try out new activities. Go and do some fun things to do this summer and go-karting on an outdoor circuit. Karting is always a fun activity but karting in the summer on an outdoor track is even better! Feel the sun burning on your face while you feel the wind rushing through your hair.

Because you’re karting outdoors, you can enjoy the nice weather and participate in your favourite activity: racing! In England, there are a lot of fun outdoor go-karting tracks that are perfect for your next activity during your summer break. Some of our favourite tracks are Midland Karting in Lichfield, Raceway Kart Centre in Gainsborough and Adventure Sports in Warwick. These go-karting tracks have super exciting tracks with a lot of challenging turns for you to master!  

Try these combi deals during your summer break 

Besides karting, there are also a lot of other fun things to do this summer break. You can combine some activities with your karting adventure! If you’re a big fan of karting but also love some variation in your next outing, these combi deals may be interesting for you! Activities like laser tag, paintball, or axe throwing can be combined with your karting activity. If you want to go play laser tag and race heat in your kart, this deal in Willenhall may be interesting for you. At Qleisure near Brighton, you can combine your kart race with a game of paintball with this deal. If axe throwing sounds like something you want to try, visit JDR karting for this deal.

Go-karting with the family

Summer break is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your family. That’s why these family deals are perfect for you! These are fun things to do during the summer break. Invite your family for a tensive race around the track, and find out who’s the fastest of your family members! With family deals, you can invite the whole family because all ages are welcome. In Lichfield, you’ll find Midland Karting that organizes special family activities. At this circuit, you’ll race on a special Family Circuit. This way, your grandma and little nephew can also join a kart heat if they want to! 

There are a lot of fun things to do this summer break. If you’re curious about other activities on the most fun go-karting tracks in England, take a look at the other deals here. What activity will you be participating in during your summer holiday?