Go-karting – the greatest activity for your holiday

Have you ever tried go-karting on your holiday? You should! Go-karting is great fun and definitely the greatest holiday activity. You’ll find some fantastic go-kart tracks on holiday destinations such as Spain, but also here in the United Kingdom.
Go-karting is the greatest activity to do on your holiday

There are a few go-kart tracks that will blow your mind. Did you know that there’s a cruise ship being built that will have a multi-level go-kart track? And in the USA, there’s an Airbnb that has a private go-kart track. These unique locations are amazing for your go-karting adventure during your holiday. Keep reading to find some other great destinations where you can go go-karting.

Go-karting on your holiday: this is why you want to go go-karting

A lot of people organise fun outings to go-kart tracks when they’re on holiday. There are many tracks to choose from, no matter if you’re staying in the United Kingdom or abroad. An active, competitive but most of all fun time is guaranteed.

Go-karting is possible from a young age. Of course, this depends on the track you’re visiting but it does make go-karting a great activity to do with the whole family. All ages can enjoy a fantastic time on the track.

Go-karting in Spain

A sunny holiday planned for Spain? Perfect! In Spain, you’ll find the most incredible tracks. A lot of these are outdoors so you’ll get to enjoy the sunshine on your face as well. There are also indoor tracks located in Spain. Wherever you decide to go, you’ll have the best time go-karting on your holiday.

Discover USA’s greatest tracks

You’ll find many tracks in the USA to visit. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor tracks, you’ll be able to choose from both when go-karting on your holiday. From Texas to New York, it’ll be a remarkable experience for sure. Find your favourite track now and plan your visit.

Go go-karting in the United Arab Emirates

You’re in for a treat when looking for a go-karting experience on your holiday in the United Arab Emirates. For example, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you’ll find fascinating circuits. You could even visit the F1 track where the finals took place. Discover if you have what it takes to become the next F1 driver on a go-karting outing during your holiday.

Fascinating holiday go-kart track locations 

Visit one of the most unique go-kart track locations during your holiday. You can go go-karting on a cruise ship or rent an Airbnb with a private track. Sounds good right? 

Multi-level go-kart track on a cruise ship

This is such a unique go-karting location for your next holiday. On the Norwegian Viva, they’re currently building a multi-level go-kart track on this cruise ship. This circuit is spread over three floors. Get ready to enjoy the sea breeze while go-karting on this track on your holiday.

This cruise ship is not finished yet. In 2023 it’s expected to be finished. Of course – you can already start dreaming about visiting this go-kart track on a future holiday.

Go-karting on a private track at this Airbnb location

Want to visit a unique location and go go-karting on a private track? That’s possible in Pomona, USA! You won’t have to worry about finding the perfect track near your stay, because this track is in your backyard. Good to know is that this Airbnb allows a maximum of 16 guests. This makes it the ideal location for a kart party.

This Airbnb has other facilities to fit all your needs. You can take a swim in the swimming pool or play the most fun games in the arcade. The karts and all facilities are included in the price of renting this villa. We couldn’t think of a better go-karting holiday. Get ready to visit Missouri and plan your visit to this incredible Airbnb.

The Airbnb with the private track in Pomona

Book your go-karting tickets

Make sure to go go-karting on your next holiday! If you’re looking for the perfect go-kart tracks in the United Kingdom, you can have a look at these great locations. Start planning your next holiday and visit the most exciting tracks.