Drifting in a go-kart: should you do it during a race?

Drifting in a go-kart is something that happens a lot while karting. In this article we'll tell you if you should drift in a go-kart.
Drifting in a go-kart

Drifting in a go-kart is something that happens a lot while karting. It sounds cool and it gives you that exciting racing feeling, but is it the right thing to do? You might wonder if sliding your wheels through the bends makes your kart go faster. In this article we will tell you if you should drift your go-kart during a race.

This is how you drift your go kart during a race

Drifting in a go-kart sounds easy, but it isn’t. It is actually the controlled transverse sliding with a kart. It’s the ultimate form of vehicle control, but sometimes it can happen by accident. While drifting, the driver throws the steering wheel all the way to one side and holds it this way for as long as possible.

Drifting in a go-kart: is it good or bad

We’ll take you out of the illusion that drifting is faster, because this isn’t the case. This is because during drifting you are deliberately putting the go-kart in oversteer. You want to keep this one as long as possible. 

During karting you always want to keep your wheels rolling. That’s how you create the most speed. While drifting, your wheels don’t roll and this will make you lose speed.

However, there is a bright spot on the horizon. With some curves, combinations or certain surfaces drifting your go-kart is in fact faster. So it may not always be faster, but of course, it’s still really cool to put your kart in a drift mode

But don’t overdo it. Drifting is actually not good for the kart tires at all, because they wear out much faster. Real drifting is also difficult with most rental karts because you can often only drift a small part.

Drifting in a go-kart

Go drift in go-karts

Do you really want to drift in go-karts? That’s possible. There is a thing called drift karting. Here, the karts are designed in a way so that you can make the perfect drift. Furthermore, the karts are equipped with a hand brake and special drift tires. Want to show off your newly learned skills on the go-kart track? Book tickets to a kart centre near you.