The reason outdoor karting tracks are closed in the winter

Where you looking for a fun trip to an outdoor karting track in the winter, but did you encounter a lot of closed tracks? That can be due to the fact that a lot of outdoor karting tracks close their doors in the winter. From November to March, you will find a lot of closed outdoor karting tracks. Want to know why? Keep on reading. 

Go-karts don’t like the winter cold

The winter can be extremely cold and during a race on the karting track, you will feel this cold even more. The days get shorter and shorter and the low temperatures and harsh wind make racing on the go-karting track colder than it should be. You’ll feel the icy wind on your hands and face during the race. It’s important that you suit up.

You must be a real fan of the karting sport to do this in the winter. These cold circumstances are not only affecting the kart drivers but the go-karts and track as well. Low temperatures are bad for the asphalt. And not only that, it can get dangerously slippery when it is freezing. This can cause dangerous situations. The go-karts are not the biggest fan of cold either. Special accessories are needed for the wheels and the tanks of the karts to withstand these temperatures.

Outdoor karting is for karters with courage

If you still want to go karting in the winter, you must have a lot of courage. The cold makes the change of slipping on the track a lot more likely. When this happens, you must not panic but be able to immediately react to the situation.

One big pro of karting in the winter is that when a track is open for business is that there will be a lot fewer drivers than in the summer season, which gives a lot of space on the track. Do you want to race on an empty track? Find a karting track near you that is open for races in the winter and take the frozen hands for granted.

Indoor karting during the winter

Luckily there are a lot of indoor karting tracks available all throughout the United Kingdom. This way you can still go kart racing in the winter. Try one of the tracks in London, York or anywhere else in the UK! Do you really want to go outdoor karting in the winter? Keep a close eye on the website or socials of the outdoor track near you. Some tracks open when it’s safe enough to go racing. 

Are you going to an indoor karting track in the winter or are you waiting till spring when the tracks open again? No matter what you prefer, we have the ideal karting track for you!