Karting in East Midlands

Speed, fun and competition. Do you like these words? In that case, kart racing in East Midlands is an activity you must try! All karting tracks in East Midlands are perfect for your karting getaway with friends, family or colleagues. Are you going to be the one who crosses the finish line first? Find out on one of the karting tracks in East Midlands!

Looking for a next go-karting outing in the East Midlands? There are a lot of different tracks for you to race on. Discover the greatest go-kart circuits now.

Safety first in East Midlands

There are a lot of go-karting tracks in the East Midlands. From Gainsborough to Leicester and from Northampton to Tattershall. Every karting track in East Midlands is perfect for all ages and beginners. Before the competition starts, you all get a safety briefing. In this safety briefing, the employees tell you all the track rules and safety instructions. So no worries! Everything is going to be alright. Do you want to be prepared for the job? We have all the rules stated here.

The most fun circuits in East Midlands

Raceway Kart Centre

Then of course your question is, which go-kart track should I go to? Our first answer is Raceway Kart Centre! This karting track in Gainsborough, East Midlands is perfect for every thrill-seeker and outdoor lover because you are going to race outdoors! At this 600 meters long circuit you can feel the wind blowing through your hair. Feel the adrenaline through your whole body when you start the engines of the gasoline karts. That’s not all. It is also possible to celebrate your kid’s party, bachelor party or team building activity over here. 

Other karting tracks in East Midlands

Of course, there are more tracks in East Midlands. Around Leicester, there are more very good go-karting tracks. One of them is Go Karting Leicester. This venue in East Midlands has a multilevel track!! So karting on this kart circuit gives your race an extra dimension. Invite your friends, family or colleagues for a battle on the 500 meters long go-karting circuit. Who of you is the fastest?

You can also find out who the fastest is on the kart track of Stretton 2000! This go-karting venue is near Leicester and is an outdoor circuit with a length of 600 meters. Do you like to be outside and feel the wind blowing through your hair? In that case, you are on the right track! 

In Northampton, you can find the track of Teamworks Karting Northampton. This is a 400 metres multilevel circuit. long and contains a multilevel. At this circuit, you are always welcome. No matter your age or the activity. Everyone is welcome to celebrate something.

And last but not least, the kart venue you can find in Tattershall is Tattershall Karting Centre. Do you like to be outdoors and do you want to feel the adrenaline through your body? Go to this outdoor go-karting track in East Midlands and experience it all!

Afke Tine
Afke Tine