The best go-karting tracks in Guernsey

Are you ready to experience a thrilling activity? Then go-karting is the best option for you. Go-karting is perfect for all occasions. But where can you find the best go-karting track in Guernsey? We will explain in this blog which go-kart track you must visit!

Go-karting track in Guernsey

Located in Guernsey is the incredible go-karting track Karting Guernsey. This go-karting track is perfect for all ages! Prove that you’re the best outdoor kart racer on this 400-metre long go-kart track. Enjoy the challenging circuit with its tough turns, and find out how good your driving skills are.

Did you know there are different ways of taking turns? Taking a turn perfectly will ensure you are the fastest on the track. Learn how to take all the different turns here. This go-karting track in Guernsey is perfect for those who want to race outdoors. It also doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced driver, you can also have fun and learn to improve your racing skills as a novice driver.

Parties and events at Karting Guernsey

Go-karting is the perfect activity for every occasion, thus for everything you’re wishing for! Whether you are planning on going karting with family, friends or even colleagues, it is all possible. With different arrangements available there is always one suitable for you. Visit this go-karting track in Guernsey with your colleagues and organise a corporate event. Are you new to go-karting and want to improve your driving skills? Then “Arrive and Drive” is the perfect option for you. This arrangement is focused on helping you become a better driver and helps you get the fastest laps. There is also an arrangement available for those thrill-seekers out there who want to drive at night. So once again, go-karting is fun to do with everyone and for every occasion. Are you excited to organize your next go-karting outing already?

Go-karts options

So what sort of go-karts does Karting Guernsey offer? We have made a quick overview of the options:

  • Kid Racer: 3+ years (exclusively on the special kids’ track)
  • Junior kart: 8+ years
  • Adult kart: 14+ years
  • 2 Drive Kart (Instructor driven): 5+ years
  • Sodi sport: 16+ years

Furthermore, there are special race karts available for those who want to become even better at racing and improve their skills. Special lessons are offered for the following groups:

  • Bambino: 5 – 7 years
  • Cadet: 8 – 12 years
  • Junior: 11 – 15 years
  • Senior: 16+ years

So what are you waiting for? Book your visit now at the best go-karting track in St Sampsons, Guernsey for an unforgettable day out! With all these options available there is always something that suits you perfectly.