Cheap go-karting? Pay attention to this if you are looking to go go-karting for less

Go-karting is not only an exciting and challenging sport, it is also the perfect activity for a day out or kids party! Do you like go-karting with friends, but you don’t want to pay the full price? Pay attention to the following points and you will always enjoy cheaper go-karting from now on!  

Price per heat

When you’re go-karting you often pay per heat. A heat is the number of minutes that you are racing. The duration of a heat is different per go-kart track. When a go-kart track is cheaper than its competitors, it is possible that the heat is shorter and you get less minutes per heat. For example, at one go-kart track you’ll pay £15 for a heat of 15 minutes and at other venues you’ll pay £20 for a heat of 20 minutes. So always look up how long one heat lasts!

The more heats, the cheaper they get

When your heat has ended, you often want to race again right away! That’s why many go-kart tracks offer discounts when booking several heats at the same time. The more heats you race, the less you pay per heat. Add an extra round, it’s cheaper and you’ll have even more fun! Check out the rules of go-karting before booking your deal.

Deals and offers

In addition, most go-kart tracks have special offers and deals in less busy periods. For example, three heats for the price of two or a combination with laser gaming, bowling or any other activity. This way you can go karting for a cheaper price and have a full day!