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Burscough: Go Karting at Karting UK (30 min)

An exciting go-karting adventure awaits at this go-karting venue

Karting UK

Burscough, North West England

per person

Popular Karting Trips around Preston

Euxton: adult go-karting at Euxton Karting (50 laps race)

1h 30m
Euxton Karting
  • Euxton
4.6 / 5
per person

Burscough: Go Karting at Karting UK (30 min)

1u 15m
Karting UK
  • Burscough
4.7 / 5
per person

Blackpool: Go Karting at Formula Kart (15 min)

Formula Kart
  • Blackpool
4.5 / 5
per person

Blackpool: Go Karting at Karting 2000 Raceway (30 laps)

1h 15m
Karting 2000 Raceway
  • Blackpool
4.3 / 5
per person

Kirkland: Go Karting at Cumbria Kart Racing Club (20 min)

Cumbria Kart Racing Club
  • Kirkland
4.8 / 5
per person

Go go-karting in Preston

Are you ready for an unforgettable outing? Go go-karting in Preston, North West England and have fun on the best tracks near Preston. Take a look at the indoor and outdoor go-karting tracks in Preston and get ready for a day filled with fun! Book your tickets now.

Indoor go-karting nearby Preston

Indoor go-karting is the perfect activity for all-weather circumstances. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or snowing, when karting indoors you’ll always race under the best circumstances.

The indoor go-karting track near Preston is Karting UK in Burscough. This indoor track has a lot to offer and is known for its challenging turns. The track has a length of 650 metres and is suitable for professional kart drivers, as well as beginners. The track has a fly-over where you can race above the rest of the competition.

Outdoor go-karting near Preston

Prefer to go-karting outdoors when racing in Preston? This is also possible. There are multiple tracks for you to discover near Preston. Feel the wind rushing through your hair when you’re racing outdoors. Outdoor karting is the perfect activity for everyone who loves excitement and loves to be outside.

The first go-karting track near Preston you can visit is Formula Kart in Blackpool. This track is known for its challenging turns and is a great option for all daredevils. The track has a length of 750 metres and uses traditional karts. The track is suitable for celebrating kids’ parties or other events. Race in the fastest karts and feel the sun burning on your helmet when you’re racing against your friends.

The second outdoor go-karting track near Preston is Euxton Karting. This track has a length of 300 metres and is known for its challenging turns that need a lot of skills to master. You’ll race in traditional karts and will be handed out race suits before stepping into your kart. In Euxton, your race will be fully taken care of with the best professionals at the track.

The third and last outdoor go-karting track near Preston is Karting 2000 Raceway. This go-karting track will make you feel like you’re racing in Formula 1. The super fast karts will give you excitement and thrills as if you’re the new Louis Hamilton. The track is perfect for celebrating kids’ parties. Invite all your friends and let’s have a fun race in Blackpool, near Preston. Another great go-kart track near Preston is found in Kirkland. At Cumbria Kart Racing Club everyone enjoys an intense race. Go full-throttle on the straights and master all the tactical turns.

Go-karting in Preston during your next event

Whether you’re looking for an activity for a birthday, kids party or a bachelor party, go-karting in Preston is a suitable activity for all kinds of events. At the tracks of Preston, everyone is welcome. So, if you’re thinking about organising a family reunion, make sure to invite grandpa as well.

You don’t need any experience go-karting in Preston. That’s why go-karting is such a suitable activity for group activities. The tracks of Preston are specialised in group activities and will make sure your day of fun will be fully arranged. Take a look at the best go-karting tracks and start planning your kid’s party or team-building event.

Go (safe) karting near Preston

When go-karting near Preston, your activity will be a safe one guaranteed. Before stepping into your kart, you will receive a safety briefing about the kart and track. A professional will tell you all the do’s and don’ts of the track and will keep an eye on the race. This way, no accidents will occur.

Before entering the track, everyone will be handed out a helmet. These are mandatory when racing. You’ll also need to wear closed-toe shoes and a racing suit will be handed out at the entrance. These not only look super professional, but they are also safe for when racing.

If you have any questions about the track or your kart, the professionals on the track will help you out. Fun and safety are the priorities when you go go-karting near Preston.

Visit one of the go-karting tracks near Preston

When visiting one of these go-karting tracks near Preston, your outing will be guaranteed to be a fun one. The tracks are known for their hospitality and service. If you’re thinking about celebrating a kids party, the staff of the track will make sure to make it one you won’t forget quickly.

After you’re done racing, you can sit in the restaurants of these tracks and discuss the race. If you’re planning to go racing on an outdoor racing track, make sure to check the weather beforehand. We don’t want you to go racing in the rain of course.

Before picking your favourite deal, make sure to check the age restrictions. At some of the go-karting tracks near Preston, a minimum age and height are required.

Plan your next go-karting outing

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite go-karting track near Preston. The deals on our website are the ones that are available today. When booking one of these deals, your outing will be fully taken care of.

The only thing you need to worry about is showing up and having fun. Which go-karting track will you be visiting next? Book your tickets now!

3 reasons to go go-karting near Preston

  • Race on an outstanding go-kart track
  • Go-karting is suitable for every occasion
  • Go-karting is safe for everyone

Frequently asked questions about Preston

Which karting tracks can be found near Preston?

You can go go-karting near Preston in Burscough at Karting UK.

What can you expect from the go-kart track near Preston?

The karting venue near Preston gives you a race feeling. If you are looking for a new, exciting karting experience, Burscough is the place to be. It offers something for beginners and more experienced drivers. The track rules and a safety instruction is provided by the staff, and if you race multiple times, there will be a break between the races. Get ready for your karting experience near Preston!

Is the karting track of Preston indoor or outdoor?

The karting track near Preston is an indoor track.

What is the length of the karting track near Preston?

The length of the karting track of Karting UK in Burscough is 650 metres.