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Blackpool: Go Karting at Karting 2000 Raceway (30 laps)

Go-karting at this racing venue is an awesome outing

Karting 2000 Raceway

Blackpool, North West England

per person

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Blackpool: Go Karting at Karting 2000 Raceway (30 laps)

1h 15m
Karting 2000 Raceway
  • Blackpool
4.3 / 5
per person

Blackpool: Go Karting at Formula Kart (15 min)

Formula Kart
  • Blackpool
4.5 / 5
per person

Euxton: adult go-karting at Euxton Karting (50 laps race)

1h 30m
Euxton Karting
  • Euxton
4.6 / 5
per person

Burscough: Go Karting at Karting UK (30 min)

1u 15m
Karting UK
  • Burscough
4.7 / 5
per person

Kirkland: Go Karting at Cumbria Kart Racing Club (20 min)

Cumbria Kart Racing Club
  • Kirkland
4.8 / 5
per person

Go-karting in Blackpool

Are you looking for an outstanding activity to do? Go-karting in Blackpool, North West England is the perfect option for you. This thrilling activity is fun to do with everyone and for all occasions. In Blackpool, there are some amazing go-karting venues for you to try out. Discover now which circuit is your favourite and get ready to go go-karting in Blackpool.

Discover the greatest go-karting venues in Blackpool

When you’d like to try go-karting in Blackpool you’ll find 2 amazing locations. The first must-try go-kart track is Formula Kart. This outdoor go-karting track in Blackpool is amazing for your next go-karting outing. Race on the 750m long go-kart track together with your friends, family, or colleagues.

Another amazing circuit in Blackpool that you should visit for your next go-karting outing is Karting 2000 Raceway. On this outdoor track, you’ll be able to improve your driving skills by mastering every turn and overtaking all your opponents. A go-karting activity will be a great success when you’re in Blackpool. This go-kart track is closed during the winter season.

Outdoor go-karting in Blackpool

When you’d like to go-karting in Blackpool, you’ll be karting outdoors. Both of the go-kart tracks located in the city have an outdoor circuit. A benefit of outdoor karting is that the tracks are normally wider and longer. This means you’ll have more chances of overtaking the competitors and becoming the winner of the race. Both of the tracks have a couple of challenging turns that are rewarding for experienced drivers, and fun to learn for novice drivers as well.

A great outdoor track near Blackpool can be found in Kirkland. At Cumbria Kart Racing Club. 1050 metres of thrilling excitement when racing on this outdoor track. The perfect track to overtake and become the winner of the race. One thing is for sure: this long track is the perfect track to improve your driving skills.

Indoor go-karting near Blackpool

When you’d like to go go-karting indoors you’ll have to visit a go-karting venue near Blackpool. Two of these venues are Indoor Super Karting in Burscough or Go Karting Preston in Preston. What is so great about indoor go-karting is that no matter the weather conditions, you’ll always be able to enjoy your karting outing. No heavy wind or rain will ruin your karting experience.

Go-karting in Blackpool is the ultimate fun and safe outing

When you’re in Blackpool and you’re ready for your go-karting experience, you’ll be guaranteed to have a fun and safe outing. At both go-karting locations in Blackpool, you’ll receive safety instructions before the race. These instructions help you understand the rules, the track and your kart. By these instructions, you’re ensured to enjoy your outing in Blackpool in a safe way when go-karting.

Go-karting: a safe activity for kids in Blackpool

In Blackpool, kids’ can enjoy a safe go-karting outing at Formula Kart. With special kids’ karts and gear available, kids will be able to enjoy a safe race. To ensure a safe go-karting activity in Blackpool, the kids receive safety instructions as well. At Formula Kart, the minimum age is 8 years old and the minimum height requirement is 4’6″ (137cm). This is why go-karting in Blackpool is a great activity for kids’ parties.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to go-karting with kids on the circuit of Karting 2000 raceway. There are no junior karts available anymore on this circuit.

Go-karting in Blackpool: the ideal activity for every occasion

Go-karting is a thrilling activity that suits every occasion. Whether you’re organising a stag or hen do’s, kids’ party, or even a team-building event in Blackpool, go-karting will take your outing to the next level. Discover the greatest arrangements to try go-karting in Blackpool with your next outing or event.

Go-karting is always fun in Blackpool

If you want to be active in Blackpool and want to try go-karting, you can always book single heats as well. For those who would like to try go-karting without a big group or event, there are group deals available too. Therefore, everyone in Blackpool can enjoy go-karting on the tracks.

Go-karting with a group in Blackpool

Are you ready for some competition? Then invite all your friends to go go-karting in Blackpool. Go-karting is extra fun when done with friends, family, or colleagues. The more the merrier. Who is going to drive the fastest laps and will crown themselves as the king or queen of the tracks? Find out now at your next go-karting outing in Blackpool.

Why you should go-karting in Blackpool

  • Blackpool has 2 incredible outdoor go-kart tracks
  • Go-karting in Blackpool is fun for everyone; young and old can enjoy a race
  • Go-karting is the perfect outing for every occasion
  • In Blackpool you can enjoy a go-karting activity safely

Practical information about go-karting in Blackpool

Here you’ll find some practical information for when you’re in Blackpool and ready for your go-karting outing.

Formula Kart

1 Queen’s Promenade, North Shore, Blackpool Lancs. FY2 9RJ.

Karting 2000 Raceway

South Promenade, South Shore, Promenade, Blackpool FY4 1BB

At Karting 2000 Raceway there is no onsite parking available. You can park near the circuit at South Beach car park (South Promenade, Blackpool FY4 1BB) or Station Rd car park (110 Bond St, Blackpool, FY4 1EY).

Discover other go-kart tracks near Blackpool

If you’d like to try go-karting near Blackpool, you can visit a go-kart track nearby. Visit Euxton Karting in Euxton, Go Karting Preston in Preston, or Indoor Super Karting in Burscough. Where would you like to visit? Start exploring your favourite go-kart track now.


Frequently asked questions about Blackpool

Do I need to be an experienced driver to go go-karting in Blackpool?

No, everyone is welcome to try go-karting on the go-kart tracks in Blackpool. Before the race starts, everyone receives safety instructions to ensure the safety of you and all the other opponents.

Is go-karting in Blackpool safe for kids?

Yes, there are special kids’ karts and gear available. This way kids can enjoy a safe race on the tracks! Kids karting is available at Formula Kart.

Can I organise my event in Blackpool with go-karting as an activity?

Yes, there are different arrangements available for different events. There is always a suitable option for your event.

Where can I go karting in Blackpool?

In Blackpool in North West England, you can try go-karting at Formula Kart and Karting 2000 Raceway.