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Weobley: Go Karting at Herefordshire Raceway (20 min)

Race on this karting venue for an extraordinary experience

Herefordshire Raceway

Weobley, West Midlands

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Weobley: Go Karting at Herefordshire Raceway (20 min)

Herefordshire Raceway
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Go go-karting near Hereford

Are you looking for an exciting outing? You can go go-karting near Hereford, West Midlands. Go-karting is the ultimate activity where young and old can enjoy the best time racing. Feel the adrenaline rush while you race in your go-kart near Hereford on the most thrilling circuit.

Who are you going to invite? Show off your skills or improve your driving skills. One thing is for sure: go-karting near Hereford will be remarkable.

Visit the exciting go-kart track near Hereford

Located nearby Hereford, in Weobley, is the incredible venue Herefordshire Raceway. Go-karting near Hereford on this 600-metre long outdoor track is highly recommended because it even has a flyover! Whether you are looking for an activity for an occasion/event or just want to visit with friends, racing on the go-kart track near Hereford is always the best option.

Go-karting near Hereford is the ultimate safe day out for all ages

Everyone is able to enjoy a go-karting experience near Hereford. The track is challenging for novice and experienced drivers. The go-kart track near Hereford offers adult and junior karting, which makes it the perfect location for a family outing.

A safe time on the outdoor track is guaranteed by the safety measurements. Before the heat starts there will be a safety briefing. The employees will guide you through the rules, the track and will show how the go-kart works.

Children of 8-13 years old can enjoy a safe race in the junior karts. There is a minimum height of 1.30m required to go go-karting near Hereford. Adults older than 17+ years will race in the adult karts.

3 reasons why you should go go-karting near Hereford

  1. An incredible outdoor track of 600 metres long
  2. All ages and skills levels can go go-karting near Hereford
  3. The employees will ensure safety for all

Practical information about go-karting near Hereford

You’ll find an incredible go-kart track near Hereford: Herefordshire Raceway.

Herefordshire Raceway

Lower Hurst, Hereford, Hereford HR4 8QY

Frequently asked questions about Hereford

Where can I go go-karting near Hereford?

There is one go-kart track near Hereford: Herefordshire Raceway.

What can you expect from the go-kart track near Hereford?

The karting track near Hereford has something for everyone. If you are looking for a new, wonderful kart racing experience, Hereford is the place to be. Hereford offers something for beginners and more experienced drivers. To make sure everybody is safe, your day starts with an instruction, and if you race multiple times, there will be a break between the races. Get ready for your kart racing experience near Hereford!

Will I go go-karting indoors or outdoors near Hereford?

The go-kart track near Hereford is an outdoor track.

How long is the go-kart track near Hereford?

The outdoor go-kart track near Hereford is 600 metres long.