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Esher: Go Karting at Daytona Sandown Park (20 min)

An extraordinary go-karting day out awaits at this karting circuit

Daytona Sandown Park

Esher, South East England

per person

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Esher: Go Karting at Daytona Sandown Park (20 min)

Daytona Sandown Park
  • Esher
4.5 / 5
per person

Surbiton: Go Karting at Surbiton Raceway (30 min)

1u 15m
Surbiton Raceway
  • Surbiton
4.4 / 5
per person

Lydd: Go Karting at Lydd Kart Circuit (15 min)

Lydd Kart Circuit
  • Lydd
4.7 / 5
per person

Ryde: Go Karting at Wight Karting (15 min)

Wight Karting
  • Ryde
4.6 / 5
per person

Karting in Worthing

Are you looking for an incredible activity with adrenaline-fuelled fun? Then go-karting in Worthing, South East England is the ultimate option. Karting is an activity that is always fun to do and can be done by almost anyone. It is fun for every age and kind of event. Will you be the one that crosses the finish line first? Gather all your friends, family or colleagues for an unforgettable adventure.

Explore the greatest go-karting venue near Worthing

If you’re searching for an outstanding outing filled with action and competition, we have got you covered. Go go-karting near Worthing! Near Worthing, you’ll find an amazing go-kart track in Brighton: Brighton Karting at Qleisure. This venue has challenging turns on which you can improve your ho-karting skills.

Outdoor go-karting near Worthing

When you bring a visit to Brighton Karting at Qleisure you’re in for the ultimate outdoor go-kart experience. You can tear around on the outdoor go-kart track whilst competing for P1. Outdoor go-karting tracks are wider than indoor go-karting tracks, this means plenty of opportunities over cool overtakes. But that goes for the other drivers as well.

Go-karting near Worthing: fun and safe for every driver

Go-karting near Worthing is always a great idea, no matter the occasion. You don’t need a special occasion to have a great time at the go-kart track, although it’s also perfect to celebrate special occasions. Looking for a great venue to celebrate a birthday or bachelor party? Go-karting near Worthing is the ultimate activity.

Not only is go-karting near Worthing extremely fun, it’s also very safe for everyone that races on the track. Before the race starts, everyone receives safety instructions. These instructions will make you understand the rules of the track, the go-kart and the flags that are used. This way, every driver will finish safely.

4 tips why you should go go-karting near Worthing

  • The perfect activity for every occasion
  • Outdoor go-karting possible near Worthing
  • Everyone enjoys go-karting near Worthing
  • A safe and fun activity for all ages

Practical information about go-karting near Worthing

Start planning your visit for your next go-karting experience near Worthing in Brighton. Here is where you’ll find the outdoor go-kart track.

Brighton Karting at Qleisure

London Rd, Hassocks BN6 9BQ, United Kingdom

Frequently asked questions about Worthing

Which karting tracks can be found in Worthing?

A go-karting venue just a short drive away from Worthing is Brighton karting in Brighton.

Do I need to be an experienced driver to go go-karting in Worthing?

Near Worthing, you’ll find the go-kart track Brighton Karting where everyone is welcome.

Is the karting track of Worthing indoor or outdoor?

The go-karting track near Worthing is outdoor.

What is the length of the karting track in Worthing?

The go-karting track near Worthing has a length of 800 metres.