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Ryde: Go Karting at Wight Karting (15 min)

An unforgettable kart racing experience awaits at this racing venue

Wight Karting

Ryde, South East England

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Ryde: Go Karting at Wight Karting (15 min)

Wight Karting
  • Ryde
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Go go-karting in Ryde

Are you ready to have an unforgettable outing in Ryde, South East England? Make sure to try out go-karting in Ryde! This is an activity that is enjoyable for young and old. Discover the most exciting track in Ryde.

Discover the greatest go-karting venue in Ryde
An exciting and thrilling outing is guaranteed when go-karting in Ryde. You’ll find the sensational karting venue Wight Karting. At this venue, everyone will have the best time go-karting. Get ready to tackle 520 metres of sharp bends and stimulating straights before you race towards the finish line.

Outdoor karting in Ryde

In Ryde you can enjoy a thrilling race outside. Outdoor karting in Ryde is the ultimate activity for the lovers of thrills and speed. Outdoor tracks are a bit wider, which makes the track suitable for amazing overtakes. ​​Don’t hit the brakes, let’s accelerate!

Go-karting in Ryde is safe for every driver

What’s so great about go-karting in Ryde, is that everyone will enjoy a safe day out. Before the heat starts, everyone will receive safety instructions. During these instructions, you will learn about the rules of the kart, the go-kart track and the flags that are used on the track. This ensures a fun and safe experience for all. For the children there are special kids’ karts and gear available.

Go-karting in Ryde: the ultimate group activity

Planning on organising a fun outing with a group? Then you should definitely consider go-karting in Ryde. Go-karting in Ryde is fun for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a place to celebrate a bachelor party, birthday party, corporate event, or kids’ party: go-karting in Ryde is the greatest activity for every occasion.

3 reasons why you should go go-karting in Ryde

  • Experience a thrilling race on the 520 metres long outdoor track
  • Go-karting in Ryde is safe for everyone
  • Go-karting in Ryde is the ultimate activity for every occasion

Practical information about go-karting in Ryde

Ryde is home to one incredible go-kart venue: Wight Karting.

Wight Karting

Brading Rd, Ryde PO33 1QS

Frequently asked questions about Ryde

Which karting tracks can be found in Ryde?

Ryde in Isle of Wight is home to one karting track. The karting company is called Wight Karting.

What can you expect from the go-kart track in Ryde?

The karting venue in Ryde is a fun way to spend your day. If you are looking for a new, extraordinary kart racing day out, Ryde is the place to be. Ryde offers something for beginners and more experienced drivers. The track rules and a safety instruction is provided by the staff, and if you race multiple times, there will be a break between the races. Get ready for your kart racing experience in Ryde!

Is the karting track of Ryde indoor or outdoor?

The karting track in Ryde is an outdoor track.

What is the length of the karting track in Ryde?

The length of the karting track of Wight Karting in Ryde is 520 metres.