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Esher: Go Karting at Daytona Sandown Park (20 min)

An extraordinary go-karting day out awaits at this karting circuit

Daytona Sandown Park

Esher, South East England

per person

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Esher: Go Karting at Daytona Sandown Park (20 min)

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Go go-karting in Hassocks

Looking for a fantastic go-karting experience? Just a short drive away from Brighton is Hassocks. Hassocks, South East England is the place to be! Located in Hassocks is an incredible outdoor karting venue. Go-karting has never been this exciting so make sure to visit Hassocks for your next go-karts adventure.

Discover the great outdoor karting venue in Hassocks

When you’d like to go go-karting in Hassocks there is a fantastic location to do that. Karting Brighton at Qleisure has it all. Experience some adrenaline-charged races and start the competitions over the 800m long go-kart track.

Go-karting in Hassocks is the ultimate safe day out for young and old

Discover this family-friendly activity now. Not only do adults have the greatest time go-karting in Hassocks. Younger karters will have an unforgettable experience as well. From 8+ years old, there are kids’ karts available. These have less power than adult karts and are therefore extremely safe for children.

In order to ensure safety when go-karting in Hassocks, you’ll receive safety instructions. These will explain all the rules, the track and the go-kart. Once all the instructions are given, you’ll enjoy a safe time go-karting in Hassocks.

Here are 3 tips to help you choose why you’d like to go go-karting Hassocks

  1. Go-karting in Hassocks is an adrenaline-filled activity
  2. Start the competition on the 800m long outdoor track
  3. An unforgettable experience for young and old

Practical information about go-karting in Hassocks

Here is where you can find the go-karting venue in Hassocks:

Brighton Karting at Qleisure

London Rd, Hassocks BN6 9BQ

Frequently asked questions about Hassocks

Where can I go go-karting in Hassocks?

You can go go-karting in Hassocks at Brighton Karting at Qleisure.

Is go-karting in Hassocks safe for kids?

Yes, there are special kids’ karts available. Kids karting is available from 8+ years old.

Can I go go-karting in Hassocks with a big group?

Yes, go-karting in Hassocks is available for different kinds of events and occasions. There are different arrangements available, so there is always an option for your event or party.

Do I need to be an experienced driver to go go-karting in Hassocks?

No, novice and experienced drivers are both welcome to go go-karting at Brighton Karting at Qleisure.