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Burscough: Go Karting at Karting UK (30 min)

An exciting go-karting adventure awaits at this go-karting venue

Karting UK

Burscough, North West England

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Burscough: Go Karting at Karting UK (30 min)

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Karting UK
  • Burscough
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Go-karting near Liverpool

Are you looking for a fun day of go-karting near Liverpool? We’ve got you covered! Liverpool, North West England is a great place to plan your next outing and has a lot to offer.  Go-karting near Liverpool is for all racers, regardless of age or skill level. Invite your friends, family or colleagues for an exciting race and find out who’s the fastest of all!

Why go-karting near Liverpool is that much fun

If you’re looking for an exciting activity, karting is definitely the answer. Feel the wind rushing through your hair when you race on the track and overtake the competition. The karting track near Liverpool has everything you need for an unforgettable outing. Karting is fun for all ages. You don’t need any experience when karting near Liverpool. Everyone is welcome! Even the younger ones can go racing near Liverpool and race in junior karts.

Go-karting near Liverpool is safe

When you go-karting near Liverpool, safety is guaranteed at the track. There are a few safety rules before you step into your kart. These will be told before the race starts. There are professionals present and will keep an eye on the track during the races. This way, no accidents will occur.

When you go-karting near Liverpool, wearing a helmet and racing suit is mandatory. These will keep you safe during the race and look really professional! Bumping each other during the race is strictly forbidden and will be acted on when this happens. Ask the professionals on the track for the best tips and tricks and plan your strategy.

Indoor go-karting near Liverpool

When you want to go-karting near Liverpool, there’s one very suitable go-karting track for you to discover. This track is an indoor track and is suitable for every weather condition. Rain and other weather will not affect your day out with this indoor activity. The UK is known for its rainy weather so an indoor track is perfect for the daredevils who are seeking speed and excitement on the rainy days. Get ready to go full-throttle on the straight parts.

Discover the go-karting venue near Liverpool

Get ready for adrenaline fuelled fun at the 650 metres long indoor go-kart track. Go-karting near Liverpool is a great activity to do with family and friends. At Karting UK you can celebrate your next kids’ party or bachelor party. Invite your colleagues for an exciting team-building event and bond over an intense race. When organising a party or event at Karting UK, reservations are required. These can be easily made on our website. Who are you inviting for your next activity?

Go-karting with kids near Liverpool

What’s so great about go-karting near Liverpool is that everyone can do it, even the younger ones. With special kids karts available, the children can enjoy a fun and safe race on the track as well. This is possible for kids from 8 to 12 years old. That’s why go-karting with your family is a highly recommended activity near Liverpool.

Go-karting with a group near Liverpool

If you’d rather visit the go-karting venue near Liverpool with a group or an event, then this is also highly recommended. Go-karting is extra fun when done with more people. This means more competition! Will you overtake everyone and set the fastest laps? Go-karting near Liverpool is a great activity for every occasion. So get ready to choose go-karting when organising your stag & hen or corporate event. All is possible at the go-karting venue near Liverpool.

4 reasons why you should go go-karting near Liverpool

  1. Go-karting is the ultimate activity to do in Liverpool
  2. Young and old have the best time on the track
  3. The perfect activity for stag & hen, kids’ parties and corporate events
  4. No matter the weather circumstances, you can always go indoor go-karting at the venue near Liverpool

Book your next outing near Liverpool

So, what are you waiting for? Make your reservations on our website and get ready for an incredible outing. The deals on our website can all be booked with and are completely arranged. On arrival, you will be waited upon by one of the team members. After a brief explanation and safety briefing, you’re ready to go racing. Ask for the best tips and tricks at one of the professionals at the track and beat the competition. Book your tickets for your next go-karting outing now.

Practical information about the go-karting venue near Liverpool

Find out where to find the go-karting venue near Liverpool.

UK Karting

Guys Industrial Estate, 2, Kestrel Place, Burscough L40 8AB


Frequently asked questions about Liverpool

Which karting tracks can be found in Liverpool?

Near Liverpool in Merseyside, you’ll find one outstanding go-kart track in Burscough. The karting company is called UK Karting.

What can you expect from the go-kart track near Liverpool?

The karting venue near Liverpool is perfect for spending a day with friends or family. If you are looking for a new, fun and exciting go-karting day out, Liverpool is the place to be. Burscough offers something for beginners and more experienced drivers. To ensure a safe day out, an employee will tell you all about the rules on the track, and if you race multiple times, there will be a break between the races. Get ready for your go-karting experience near Liverpool!

Is the karting track near Liverpool indoor or outdoor?

The karting track near Liverpool is an indoor track.

What is the length of the karting track near Liverpool?

The length of the karting track of UK Karting in Liverpool is 650 metres.