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Inverness: Go Karting at Inverness Kart Raceway (20 min)

Go-kart racing at this karting track is an unforgettable experience

Inverness Kart Raceway

Inverness, Highlands

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Inverness: Go Karting at Inverness Kart Raceway (20 min)

Inverness Kart Raceway
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Go go-karting in Inverness

Go-karting in Inverness has never been this exciting. Race in your go-kart in Inverness, Highlands on the most thrilling track together with your family, friends or colleagues. Get ready to be exhilarated by the challenging bends and straights – if you’re looking for a thrill, Inverness is definitely the place to find it.

You can choose from one venue for go-karting in Inverness

Are you ready to race in your go-kart in Inverness? This is going to be an extremely fun outing for sure. At Inverness Kart Raceway you’ll be karting indoors. The 320-metre long track is a challenging one for everyone.

Go-karting in Inverness is the ultimate safe day out for all ages

Adults and juniors have the best time in the go-kart in Inverness. At Inverness Kart Raceway junior and adult karting is provided. This means that everyone is able to enjoy a good time on the tracks.

Junior karting is available for kids from 8 to 15 years old. Everyone over 16 years and older will be racing in adult karts. There are also dual karts available where everyone over 5 years old can be a co-driver. In this case, one of the employees will be driving the dual kart.

Before you go go-karting in Inverness there will be safety instructions given. These instructions ensure your safety during the activity. Once you understand your go-kart, the rules and the track in Inverness, it’s time to start the competition.

Here are 3 tips to help you choose where you want to go go-karting in Inverness

  1. The indoor go-kart track in Inverness is always a great location to go go-karting
  2. Go-karting in Inverness is the perfect option for all occasions
  3. Young and old have a safe karting experience

Practical information about go-karting in Inverness

Ready to experience this go-karting experience in Inverness yourself? Here’s where you need to visit.

Inverness Kart Raceway

Fairways Business Park, Sir Walter Scott Dr, Inverness IV2 6AA

Book your karting experience in Inverness now

You can book your tickets to go go-karting in Inverness easily online on gokartingtickets.co.uk. Find your favourite deal, book your tickets and have a blast in your go-kart in Inverness!

Frequently asked questions about Inverness

Which go-karting venue can be found in Inverness?

Inverness in Inverness-shire is home to one karting track. The karting company is called Inverness Kart Raceway.

What can you expect from the go-kart track in Inverness?

The karting circuit in Inverness guarantees a unique day out. If you are looking for a new, unforgettable karting adventure, Inverness is the place to be. Inverness offers something for beginners and more experienced drivers. A safety instruction is the start of your activity, and if you race multiple times, there will be a break between the races. Get ready for your karting experience in Inverness!

Is the karting track of Inverness indoor or outdoor?

The karting track in Inverness is an indoor track.

What is the length of the go-kart track in Inverness?

The length of the karting track of Inverness Kart Raceway in Inverness is 320 metres.